Appeals in Alabama

At Enzor & Maniscalco, we successfully prosecute and defend civil and criminal appeals on a regular basis. If you have suffered a loss at the trial level, we are prepared to help you develop a successful strategy for your case as it progresses on appeal. We will work closely with your trial attorney as needed to gain insight into the facts of your case and the procedural history of what happened at trial. We will also perform an in depth review and analysis of the trial transcript to familiarize ourselves with the essential issues for appeal. But most importantly, we will work with you, the client, on a face-to-face basis, to learn what your goals are for the case and how this appeal can further your goals.

The appeals process is complex and can be difficult to navigate. Our attorneys have the experience needed to meet all the procedural requirements for you to succeed on appeal. We will simplify the process for you and keep you informed at every step.

If your case was not decided in your favor at the trial court level, you must act quickly to protect your rights for appeal. Contact us today for a consultation on how to win your case on appeal.

Criminal Appeals in Alabama